Decrease cable stitches on hat from chart

This is my first cable hat, so please bear with me. :slight_smile:
I am on row 3 of decreasing and now have 102 stitches on 3pdns. The chart (worked 3xs =114 stitches originally). Row 3 tells me to work Even, which I know is neither inc/Dec. But row 3 and all odd rows that are a work even are cable pattern. If my cable chart is for 114 stitches, what part of the pattern do I knit, where do I begin, follow or where do I know what cable parts to Decrease?
Hope that helps…if you have any questions I will ry to explain.
Thanks for your help!

Looking at the first couple of decrease rows and the photo of the hat, it looks like the decreases will occur outside the cables until maybe the very top of the hat. Then cable knits may merge with other cable knits.
I’d say keep working the sts as you see them (knit the Vs and purl the bumps) maintaining the seed stitch where it occurs.

Thanks for responding!
Yes the decreases are outside the cable rows. I am confused on the cable rows and where to decrease which cable stitches. I am good with 114 stitches but now at 102 I do not know if I begin as normal on row 3, continuing the row until I run out of stitches and move PM?

You’ll have to watch the pattern as you begin the rows after decreases to make sure that you’re taking the decreases into account.

To be clear, the decreases occur outside the cable rows but also outside the cables themselves. That means that when you get to cable crosses, the knit stitches that cross over will still be there. I haven’t worked the pattern but that seems to be what’s happening in the first couple of dec rows.

Thanks for answering!
I am clearer on not decreasing the cable stitches thanks to you, but still do not know what K or P stitches to decrease. Must be my inexperience :wink:
I appreciate your time.

I wonder if it would help to make a copy of the chart and cross out a stitch when you decrease? If it’s a choice between a knit or a purl stitch the pattern tells you how to work the dec, k2tpg or p2tog so that’s provides a clue. I’ll try it later when I can connect to a printer.

See if this helps. I’ve crossed out (red) the sts that are decreased and now deleted from your knitting and from the chart. Of course, they are deleted on all following rows after row 6 too.

List item

Wow! You are so kind to help me in this…I am so touched.
Yes! That helps so much. I see where you symmetrically decreased. Was there any reason you chose those particular stitches? As you said I need to watch the pattern.
Again thank you so much!

If the directions said skp or k2tog, I chose to delete a purl stitch.
I think the p2tog happened to fall on 2 purl sts so I deleted the one that kept the pattern of deletions pretty. I don’t think that really matters so much. Deleting either purl would have been the same on the needles.

See how it goes for the coming decrease rows and if you run into problems, ask again. Hope all goes smoothly and we get to see this finished hat!