Decrease at front slope with cable pattern

I am doing the small cardigan size on a King Cole 4858 pattern and it tells me the following for front shaping

“Shape front slope”
Next row- pattern to last 26 stitches P2tog, pattern 24

Work 65 rows dec 1 stitch at front slope edge in every following 6th row

I have a button band then a cable - do I still decrease within the cable if it falls in the last 26 stitches?

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The decreases won’t fall within the cable. These directions sound like the left front (left as you wear the sweater). Is that correct? If so, on the decreases will always be before the last 24 sts. So knit to the last 26sts, p2tog and then work across the last 24sts including cable and buttonband.
You’ll be knitting fewer sts before the last 26sts in each decrease row because of the decreases.

Awesome thanks so much!!

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