Decrease at beginning of purl row

I am shaping the neck on this boys sweater and I am using a British pattern which has confused me a few times. It is a leaflet so cannot share a link. I am just finishing up the left front (I have a divided front opening-see picture)

I just want confirmation that I am interpreting the pattern correctly. I have 29 sts on the needles.
I have just completed this instruction:
K1, sl1, K1, psso,1 time. K to last 9 sts, sl these last 9 sts onto stitch holder, turn.
I am now working the remaining 19 sts on the needle and am on the purl side.

Now instruction is to Dec 1 st at neck edge on next 4 rows, then foll 2 alt rows, at same time dec 1 st at armhole edge on 4th row. 12 sts. I then work 5 rows straight and cast off.

Here’s what I think it says:

Row1 - purlside - p1, p2tog, p to end = 18 sts
Row2 - knit to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1 = 17 sts
Row3 - p1,p2tog, p to end = 16 sts
Row4 - k1,sl1,k1,psso,K to last 3 sts, K2tog, K1 = 14 sts
Row5 - purl
Row6 - K1,sl1,K1,psso, K to end = 13 sts
Row7 - P1,p2tog, P to end. = 12 sts
Work 5 rows straight and cast off.

I’m just a bit confused as to which rows are considered foll 2 alt rows.

Can anyone decipher my post to help me determine if I am doing it right. Any help would be much appreciated.

You’re almost there. Dec at the neck edge on rows 1,2,3,4,6 and 8. (Every alt row is every other row so that’s why it’s rows 6 and 8.)

Dec at the armhole on row 4.

Thank you Salmonmac. That is better. Is the purl dec of p1,p2tog the best decrease stitch to use on neck edge or is there some other purl decrease stitch i should be using?

If I’m working up the neck edge on the left shoulder (left as you would wear the sweater), I like to use a k2tog or p2tog. On the right shoulder, I use a ssk and p2tog through the back loop (tbl). I like the line of decreases to follow the line of the neck.
You don’t have to work it that way, however. If you prefer the decreases to slant in the opposite direction that’s just fine too.

That worked well but what I learned was that on the 2 foll alt dec rows I had my instructions wrong. I was decreasing at the armhole edge, not the neck edge. So row 6 & 8 were k to last 3 sts then K2tog. I have just started right front and will try your suggested dec when I get to shaping neck. Every time I knit something new I learn so much. Kind of gets you hooked doesn’t it?
I really appreciate this forum and the help available. Thank you

I find that part of the fun of knitting and knitting patterns, something new with each one.
Enjoy finishing the sweater!

Hi Salmonmac,
I have a question on this dec. When I do this, should I be working to last three stitches… e.g. Purl to last 3 sts, slip two stitches purlways to other needle, purl 2tog tbl and then purl one? Or should I purl to last 2 sts, slip them both to other needle and purl 2tog tbl?

I’d like to try but don’t want to screw it up. And since I am on a purl row when you say ssk am I slipping knitway or should it be ssp (does that even make sense?)

If you use the ssk on the knit side then p2tog tbl on the purl side. If you’d like an extra stitch at the edge then go ahead and work to the last 3sts, dec and work one. I actually prefer to have that extra edge stitch and it is handy if you have to pick up sts for a collar but it’s a personal preference.
If I ssk on the knit row then I p2tog tbl on the purl side. If I k2tog on the knit row then I p2tog on the purl row. That aligns the decreases.

I am using k to last 3, k2tog, k1 so I best stick with p to last 3, p2tog, p1 just to be safe. I don’t want to change it up from the other side.

Thank you for the quick response. I want to get the neck shaping done this morning so I can move onto the sleeves.

It’s a beautiful morning here in sunny Victoria, BC Canada!

Good idea to keep the pattern of the other shoulder.
I’m near Washington DC and it is miserably hot and humid so enjoy your fine weather for me, too!