Decorative Scarf Edging

I am a brand new knitter and have just finished a scarf using size 11 needles. Does anyone have a very simple way to add a decorative edge to my scarf?

Well let’s see…

You could always add fringe. And if you’re familiar with a hook, you could crochet an edge w/ either sc (single crochet) or dc (double crochet), or any other basic crochet st.

Or could also knit a garter border too. Depending on your scarf, a garter border running in the opposite direction might compliment your scarf. The nice thing about doing borders after the scarf is made is that if you don’t like the edging, you can frog it without actually frogging your whole scarf. Try a couple of ideas and see which looks best. Happy Knitting!! :slight_smile:

Adding pom poms to the ends of the scarf will make it too cute & they are easily made & attached. You can find instructions for making the pom poms here :wink:
have fun :XX:

thanks rebecca - I was just searching for how to make pompoms and your link helped!

but still, can I say I really really REALLY dislike making pompoms!


YES…Making pompoms SUCKS…I made a gazillion for a leopard like scarf that I did for my sister this past Feb…of different sizes & different colors…it really SUCKED :devil:
Yeah, I agree with you…had to vent from the pompom flashback :shock: …I’m okay now :wink:

heheee - glad I could be of help!


That scarf is GORGEOUS!!! Wow!!! Well worth the aggravation of pompom making, I’d say!

Oh, thank you, my sister said, 'Becka, can u make me a scarf with some leopard print in it to match the color of my ski outfit…we are going skiing in March?.. :shock: I had NEVER done any color work, I had no idea what to do…so, that was my 1st scarf design and I winged it with the duplicate stitching for the spots. I really want to update it with fair isle spots & coming back over the top of the fair isle with duplicate sts highlighting different colors…but I really want to do it…another time :roflhard: :rofling:

I crocheted a scallop border on the scrunchable scarf…I like the way it made the ends flare out…

You may also want to check HERE for some edging ideas.

KK, I so :heart: :inlove: :heart: that scarf!!!