Decorative crochet edging

Ever done it? I wanted to do picot or scalloped on sock cuffs but…I was told it won’t be stretchy enough. Poo.

If you want to try it, you can always rip it off if it doesn’t work. You might get a similar effect with a knitted picot that would be stretchier, there are scalloped knit edges I’ve seen. My guess is it will be other than totally satisfactory. Maybe a knit ruffle with a picot BO? If you do try it, please let us know how it works out.

Look, a crocheted edge!

Those are cute. Are you sure it’s crochet? I don’t see any mention of crochet sts or hook(s). I think you start knitting with a picot edge.

Cast on 190-200-220 sts on double pointed needles and work picot edge as follows: 10 stockinette sts, lift st #9 over st #10 (= last st knitted), then st #8 over #10, then st #7, then st #6, then st #5 and then st #4 over st #10 = 4 sts left, repeat from - all the way round = 76-80-88 sts left.

I think the sock is knitted, too. Unless I’m missing something I don’t see mention of crochet.

I don’t think the edging is crocheted either. When you zoom in you can see it is knitted.

It’ll work if you do it right. Picot is stretchier than scallops, and you don’t want to use any hook that gives you a tight gauge–if you find what gives you the same gauge as the knitted body, consider going up one hook size.
Try this on a few stitches:
After your last row, grab a crochet hook the same size as your needles (usually gives me that one-too-big-for-gauge effect, but YMMV.) Sc into the first st, ch 1, sc into the next…If that stretches enough for you, try (sc into st, ch 3, sl st into second ch from hook, sc in next stitch) around. That one ruffles a little bit.

I posted the wrong one! Argh


Yup, that second link goes to a sock with a crocheted picot border. Says so right on the pattern! So as long as your gauge swatch says you’re using a large enough hook for the top of the sock to be stretchy (you are doing a gauge swatch, right?), I say go for it.

Very pretty sock, NooB! are you knitting socks at the moment? I knit six pairs my first time, then stopped…would love to get back to it, but am knitting plastic tote bags now, using plarn I make myself (by cutting plastic bags into strips). It’s crazy/fun…but not yet sure how practical. Socks are so practical.

I made plarn before. I plan to make a welcome mat out of it.

I have um…four pairs of socks on the go. Coff.

Me? Gauge swatch? LOL


Okay, nix the gauge swatch then (I don’t always do one either), but the great thing about crochet–and especially a crocheted edging–is that you can easily and fairly painlessly rip it out.

It looks like you will be working the edging into the cast on edge (after you’ve knit the rest of the sock), so pulling out and redoing [U]just[/U] the crocheted edging will be much easier than redoing, say, a knitted edging–or a knitted anything for that matter. Only one live stitch to keep track of when ripping back in crochet. It definitely has its plus sides!

I will add this note just in case it helps: Make sure your cast on stitches are loose enough to insert the recommended size crochet hook through them! There’s nothing more annoying than trying to force a hook through really [I]really[/I] tight stitches–makes the whole finishing up bit unfun indeed!

Thank you!