Decifer a pattern?

I would like to make this sweater but with different yarn but I am having a very tough time making sense of the pattern. Anyone help me figure it out?

We need more information when you ask questions. What yarn are you using instead? And which part of the pattern are you having trouble with? You can copy and paste a small portion if you need to.

It’s good that you included a link to the pattern, but what are you having trouble understanding? When asking questions, be specific and state the parts that don’t make sense to you.

I think it’s knit side to side starting at the sleeve, if that helps.

Hi, we´ve made some small changes in the pattern to make it more understandable. Hope that cleared it up for you. If not, as the others say here, be specific on what you are having trouble with and we will be happy to help you out. It could also be a good idea to ask in the comment field after the pattern so others can benefit from the answers too. :slight_smile: Pickles

Pickles, thanks! Now it all makes sense. Question though… what weight yarn should I use? I’m not familiar w/ the ones you suggest.

Hi again, we are not familiar with your terms for yarn weight but according to ravelry it is a sport weight and an aran weight yarn. The handspun yarn is quite a bit thicker than the two others. Happy knitting :slight_smile: