Dec in the round

My pattern says to dec 6 sts evenly spaced around-134 sts. Work even until piece measures 12 inches form beginning.
I have 140 sts now. This is a stocking cap hat.

My question is how do I dec 6 sts evenly with 140 sts?
And then, do I keep dec 6 sts evenly until piece measures 12 inches or after this dec row do I just knit without decreasing til it is 12 inches?

Thank you!

I would k24 k2tog then k23 k2tog (5x) and then k1

Work evenly means with no increases or decreases so now you just knit until your piece measures 12 inches.

Divide 140 by 6 and this is roughly every 23 sts. So you would knit 21 k2tog all the way around and would probably have a couple sts at the end of the round which is okay. It sounds like you just keep knitting without anymore decreases; I think this may be done after the ribbing just to reduce a few stitches. Then there’s probably some more decreases for shaping the very top of the hat.

Thanks for catching that, Sue! Hate math. Hate it.