dec at ends every two rows????

Hi, I’m new to the forum. I live in Australia and love knitting and crochet. I have a pattern that is telling me to shape a raglan (body) by dec. at ends every two rows - I read this to mean alternate rows. Is that correct.
Also: for the sleeves - dec 1 st every two rows (15 times), 1 st every 4 rows 4 times. Does this mean: dec 1 st every alternate row, and 1 st every 4th row?
I have made it once and the raglan sleeves were way to long on the raglan to sew, so I am re-knitting and trying to work it out! Thank you.

I’ve always done seamless raglans so I’m not sure. Can you post a link and pattern name please?

Yes, every 2 rows is alternate rows or every other row.
If the sleeves were too long you’re probably not getting the row gauge. This happens to me all the time. I’d say dec every other row and skip the every 4th row entirely. Just continue with every alternate row. If you need to decrease more frequently, you can even dec every row. Whatever it takes to make the sleeves match the front and back raglans.

Thanks for your reply, another comment has explained what to do, and that makes sense. Happy knitting!

Thanks for your reply, that makes sense - I think I’ll follow the instructions for the back and front shaping to get the right length, and as you say, dec every row to make it fit. Happy knitting!