Dec 1st at neck edge ?

Hi im new on here, i can knit n crochet but not really done much knitting for yrs, anyway the bit i always get confused on is
Dec 1st at neck edge in 4th and following 5th row im wrking in stst, so one row will be a pearl row, so how will i wrk this ? :slightly_smiling_face: thanks x

You’re going to work these decreases on row 4 and row 9 so one will be on a purl row.
Depending on which side of the neck you’re working, you can use a p2tog or a p2tog through the back loop. The p2tog will slant up to the right when viewed from the knit side of stockinette (the way a k2tog slants). The p2tog tbl will slant up to the left like the ssk or slip one, k1, psso.
Alternatively, you could move one of the decreases to a knit row if you’d prefer probably without much difference in the shaping. What pattern are you following?