Dec 1 st each side every 10th row 4 times

Hi fellow knitters from a longtime lurker.

I’m having trouble with instructions and feel sure someone can clarify for me. The pattern reads

Dec 1 st each side every 10th row 4 times - 58 (62, 66, 70) sts.

Here’s what I think I’m supposed to do: Decrease 1 stitch on each side on row 10, row 20, row 30 and row 40 to equal the “4 times.” I have 78 stitches on needles now, so if I do this I’ll end up with 70 stitches. Does this sound right?

Also, what do you all think is the better way to decrease - k2tog or ssk? I’m doing a sweater if it matters.

Thanks in advance,


Yes, you’ve got it right. As for the type of decrease, since this will be seamed, I’m assuming, k2tog is probably easiest.

And Welcome! :waving:

Thanks, Ingrid, for the welcome and the quick response.

Also, sorry for double-posting my question. Not sure what I did.