DEC 1 st at easch end of 13th Rows

I am deaf and confused need yr help pls

I want knitting top so i start Knitting first row and confused with [B][SIZE=“4”]dec 1 st at each end of 13th and 2 foll 6th rows, then on 2 foll 4th rows[/SIZE] mean 10 decs so when i knitting 96 stitches st st at 6th rows dec 1 each end make 94 stitches then knitting 12th rows make 94 dec 1 each end make i am confused with this i need yr help how can i make 10 decreased pls thanks

Hi, it would help a little if you used periods and commas, you post is hard to read.

But for the basic instructions, the first decs are at the 13th row, then on the 19th and 25, then on Rows 29, and 33. You dec 2 sts each of those rows, one at the beginning and one at the end which makes 10 sts decreased.

thank you for yr help. the book called Rowan all seasons at the mill i wanted to knitting top Lacy Raglan Top maybe u have seen picture of this. Beg with a k row. work in st st dec 1 st at each end of 13th and 2 foll 6th rows then on 2 foll 4th rows.