Debby Ware Gum Drop Hat

I finished the first of the 3 hats I am making for the daughter of my dd’s friend who has cancer is going through chemo and is losing her hair. She is only 3 years old. Since she is a girly girl, I fooled with it just a bit and tried to make it as girly as possible.


That is adorable! Very girly!

How cute is that! :inlove: She will love it!

You’ve got one very girly little hat there, can’t stand how cute it is ~ I’m sure she’ll love it.

If you think it will matter to her parents, please tell them that there are folks praying for her and thinking of her.

I love it ! It is really sweet and girly . I am sure she will love it !:slight_smile:

That is very cute and girly.

How are you feeling Nonny? You were away from KH for such a long time.

I am doing pretty well. I had a second surgery in April where they removed the ostomy bag and removed more colon so I am colon poor :slight_smile: but i am doing well. I only have one more surgical appt in 3 months to make sure I haven’t developed any hernias then Dr Wheat said he will “cut me loose.” I had more problems this time, developed an infection causing high fevers they couldn’t find the cause of, then the antibiotics made me deathly ill so I had to discontinue them and hope the fevers didn’t come back, then a few smaller issues but I am much better now. My second recovery was much longer and that is always hard on a person. I appreciate your asking and am hard at work on these little hats.

[B]nonny:[/B] so glad you’re feeling better. I hope this last appointment will be much easier on you. Take care of yourself!

P.S. that hat is ADORABLE!!!

:inlove: the hat is so cute!! She will love it…

:hug: Thinking of you and your family’s little friend :heart:

Glad to hear that you are doing better Nonny. Look after yourself and stay healthy.

How precious is that:heart:

The hat is adorable.

That is such a cute little hat. You did a great job on it with all the ruffles and flowers and the curlie que on top. Of course it had to be pink! I hope it cheers the heart of the little girlie you made it for.

love the hat…

praying for your health

Glad you’re doing better Nonny! Your hat is so sweet!

That hat is ADORABLE!!! You did a great job. Is that your own pattern?

Take care of YOURSELF and continue to heal.

Oh I like that one too. These DW hats are so cute. Good job

Incredibly cute! Yummy! :thumbsup: