Debbie Blliss Gabriel Pattern


I just downloaded, and bought the wool for a Debbie Bliss pattern called Gabriel (children’s pattern for 12, 24 or 36 months)
Now that I’ve started work (isn’t it always the case) i’ve noticed that the size stated for a 36 month old is a 31.5 inch chest, and for a 12 month old 28.25inches. This seems out of all proportion to all size charts i’ve seen for children and looks more like the size for a large child, certainly one who’s already at school
Has anyone else got experience of this pattern and what did you find if so? Did you have to amend the whole thing or is there something that i’ve overlooked?? Any help would be greatly appreciated
Trish H


Welcome to KH!
Yes those numbers do seen large. Several knitters have commented on it on Ravelry.

What size/age did you want to make?


Hi, don’t know if you included the link for the reviews, but I can’t see them, only the stats. I wanted to make this in two sizes, one for a twelve month old and the other for a three year old.
Might have to use another pattern for the base shape and put this design onto that if no-one has been there, done that and got any suggestions about the 'Proper" pattern


If you type “size” into the Search within Projects box at the top of the photos, you’ll see the projects that comment on size.
Yes, even working the size for 12 month old, the sweater would still be big on a 36 month old.
Here’s a couple of sweaters in the same dk weight.

(Note the measurements and ages given for this last cardigan.)


Ah yes, thanks. I’d not previously signed up to Revelry so couldn’t see the search box for the comments. Thanks very much indeed for the alternative patterns - they’re rather nice!! Think I’ll definitely use one of them for the base.