Debbie Bliss Smock Coat collar

I’m a pretty experienced knitter, but every time I do a Debbie Bliss pattern, I find out I’m not as experienced as I thought.

I’m having trouble with the collar. There are 21 stitches on the needle. It seems like I’m supposed to be doing some sort rows??

It says " k 12, sl 1, turn, knit to end"

I know what each of those men, but when I sl 1 and then turn, there’s that slipped stitch on the left needle. Am I supposed to knit it together with the stitch next to it as I knit to the end (going left)? Or am I going the wrong way. I’ve “turned” before. I don’t know why this is confusing me so much!!

It’s is from the Simply Baby book. Thanks for any tips. :muah:

That’s right, there’s that slipped stitch sitting on the left needle and the yarn is hanging in front. I take the yarn to the back between the needles and knit the slipped stitch, strange as that seems and then continue to knit the row. It looks like the collar is garter stitch so that works without being noticeable.

Your advice really helped and I can see that it’s nice and curved. But I still think I’m doing something wrong. Here’s why…

Before shaping the collar (with your advice) I have 21 stitches on the needle. Then to shape the collar it says the “k 12, sl 1, turn, k to end”. But when I turn, I still have 8 stitches on the right needle. Those are still sitting there while my nicely shaped collar is on there, too. When I’m done I’m supposed to BO, but it never says anything about those other 8 stitches. I think I’m doing something wrong!! AAKKKK!

I should say that the pattern says (on the shaping of the collar) that I do the 2 shaping rows, then knit 4 rows. Maybe that’s where I’m supposed to be going over those other stitches?

Can you help again?

When it says “knit 4 rows” those rows should be knit across all the sts. It sounds like there’s just the single short row (the knit, turn and knit back) and then 4 rows knit on all sts. Maybe the short row repeats after that?

You are exactly right! The little short rows are repeated and help to make the collar edge rounded. Thanks again!!!