Debbie bliss shawl collar sweater

I have difficulty knitting up the child shawl collar I don’t have enough stitches it feels as though I need to make stitches over the lower front

Hello SylviaM!

Is this a cardigan that you are making? Are you knitting the band and the shawl collar by picking up stitches?

Hi it is a sweater it says to pick stitches up both sides of the neck and to make stitches over the back. These are on a round needle and the rib is extended at each end but there are no stitches across the front

Is this your pattern?

Usually what you do with these is as you say: pick up along the side, back, side, then knit a ribbed collar. It’s basically a rectangle (although it doesn’t look like one because it is attached to your garment).

You knit until the rectangle is long enough so that the ends cross over each other at the front, filling in the the blank space there, cast off, then sew the ends of your rectangle in place, overlapping to create the collar shape.

Does that help?

Could you show us a photo (or type out) just the directions for knitting and attaching the shawl collar? I have described a standard way of doing it, but this pattern might be different.

Edited to add: looks like it may be done a little differently.
Do these project photos help?

I think so I think I may have panicked and or started in the wrong place😊

Oh good. If you have more questions, feel free to come back and ask!

It is a bit of an unusual way to do it. Maybe the idea is to avoid a seam at the back of the neck to make the pullover comfier to wear for the baby?

Very cute!

Still struggling these are the instructions and the picture

Still struggling

the included instructions and the sweater😊

Is it the picking up sts, the problem of no stitches at the front or the short rows on the collar itself?
Here’s a video for picking up sts:

For the stitch in the bound off area at the front center of the neck, don’t pick up sts there. The depth of the collar will eventually fill in that area. Check under finishing where it may tell you to stitch or sew down the collar edge into those center bound off sts, overlapping the collar.

The short row directions are going to have you knit more rows across the back of the neck to make a comfortable, deep collar at the back. The collar will fold over neatly at the back without flipping up.
It somewhat like this (forgive the shaky lines. I’m a lefty trying to draw with my right hand.)

The pale blue line is the initial pick up of sts. The dark blue is the back and forth knitting of the short rows. Each time you work a row you’re working progressively more sts.

If that 's not the problem, just let us know.