Debbie Bliss Ruby pattern/correction?

Am working on the Ruby pattern and having problems with the sleeve directions, specifically the increases after the first set. The pattern reads “Cont in patt, inc in same way as before at each end of foll 7th(5th) row, then on the 10(12) foll 8th (6th) rows.” What is it telling me? Nothing on the Debbie Bliss site and most frustrated.

Keep in the same stitch pattern and increase the same way and the same place as the first inc (m1, kfb whatever). Depending on the size you’re doing, you do the next inc on either the 7th or 5th row, then every 8th or 6th row after that for 10 or 12 times.

First, did you see this errata on her site?:

Now, also, to clarify what suzeeq said. . .

It sounds as if there’s a small and large size. Let’s say you are supposed to increase 1 st at the end of each row, and you’ve just finished the row with the first set of increases. When you come to the 7th row after that (if you’re making the small size) OR the 5th row after that (if you’re making the large size), the increases again.

Then after you’ve 8 more rows (if the small size) OR 6 more rows (if the large size), increase again. Now, every 8th (or 6th) row, do those increases again. Count that as the first time of 10 (for the small size) OR the first time of 12 (for the large size) and keep going until you’ve hit the right total of times for your size.

Does she give a total of stitches by the time you’ve finished all of your increases? Total up all the increases you do by the end of the sleeves, and the numbers should match up.

By the way-- sometimes the numbers for different sizes will feel like they don’t make sense, such as, the bigger numbers will be for the smaller size, etc. But unless it’s the occasional typo, it works out right in the end.

, then on the 10(12) foll 8th (6th) rows."

I think the 7th or 5th row is for the first increase and it’s counted from the cast on, that would put it on a RS, then the 8th/6th row increases would continue to have them on the RS. Knowing what comes just before the increase instructions would help clarify that. What is ‘the first set’?