Debbie Bliss Hooded Baby Sweater help?

I am stuck with the “casting on” for the hood.

Here are the directions:

Next row (right side) [Knit 10, m 1 knit 11] across sts of right front, cast on 44 sts for back, then k11, m 1, knit 10 across sts of left from. Total 88 sts.

I have two sections on the needles. Is the right front the right side when looking at the sweater?? How do I cast on. Is this going to leave a big loop for the hood opening when I cast on the stitches and then finish by knitting over on the left side??


The right front of a sweater is as you wear it.

I’m curious as to why they have you cast on stitches across the gap. It says it’s for the back, so that space is probably the hole for the head. Where is the pattern from? Or is there a link to it?

To cast on, you can either do a backward loop or cable cast on. Amy has video for both.

I suspect this is one of those patterns whose construction will become clear as you do it. I’d follow the directions as they’re written and then see what happens.

Okay, so it is not as you look at it… it is as you wear it. Thanks! I think it is for the hole to put a head in, that’s right.

Ingrid, I knew it would be you to answer!! :wink: I figured it would get a little more obvious as I worked it out, but it was driving me bonkers.

Thanks again!

Okay Ingrid (or anyone that may have the answer), I am back to working on the sweater. You said that the right side of the sweater is as you are looking at it. Well, if I am looking at the sweater on the knit side, which is considered the right side of my work, then the right side of the sweater as I wear it, is the purl side, or the wrong side.

Sooo, if you can understand that, my question is the right side of my work and the right side of the sweater, as I would wear it, are on contradicting sides… Help??? Now what do I do??

If you look above, I said the right side of the sweater is as you wear it.

As you are looking at it, the right side would be on the left, as if a person wearing it would have their right side on your left side.

Pick up the stitches on the “right” side (rather thatn the wrong) and you’ll be ok.

Wow, Ingrid, was that record time? :wink:

I am looking at this and maybe into it too much. If I were to knit it what would happen is I would start with the stitches to the left of the center of the sweater and then cast on the stitches and then I would be on the other side of center, but when I were to knit them to join them, I would be on the wrong side, or the purl side. Does that make sense?

As I am looking at it, I have stitches on the left and right side of the center… if I were to just stitch as the directions are written, ignoring that they told me to start on the right side of the sweater (as I would be wearing it), then it would make sense to me, but right now, it is not making sense. Ahhh, I keep sitting here and staring at it and it is going to drive me bananas before I am done with it. :roflhard:

You’ll start with the side that is left of center to pick up the first stitches.
That will bring you up to where you cast on and you’ll cast on your stitches.
At that point you’ll be at the edge of the stitches that are right of center–but the edge farthest from the center. Pick up the stitches on the knit side and you’ll be fine.

Clear? I hope?

By gosh Ingrid, I think I have it. I was talking the direction that you wrote out loud to my DH and he helped me figure it out and when he worked it out with me it clicked. Ah ha!!! You are genius!!! Thank you!! :happydance:

Ingrid, I wanted to just say thank you again! You were a lifesaver. I thought I would go insane if it weren’t for your help because my LYS was closed when I picked it up again last night.

When I finally read out loud what you wanted me to do and showed it to my husband (I was twisting it all over the place frustrated), he took it from me, read what you wrote, read the instructions and then held it in front of me (HE is NOT a knitter mind you) and showed me exactly how to go about knitting it, I was flabbergasted. It was SOOO easy once he helped me and you helped me.

I know your motto, trust the pattern, but sometimes, my brain is just on brain fart and I can’t get off it it to trust the pattern.

Thank you, thank you!!!

:smiley: You’re so, so welcome. It would be so much easier if there were some way we could put our hands through the screen and just show instead of only tell! I’m glad you got it! :thumbsup:

You are soo right! I could have saved you all of that hassle. :wink:

If I didn’t enjoy this, I wouldn’t do it, so no hassle! :wink: