Debbie Bliss Donegal Aran/Luxury Tweed

The labels on the Donegal Aran Tweed and Donegal Luxury Tweed yarns say Machine Wash/Dry Flat.

When I did a search, some sites are saying that although the label says machine wash it is actually hand wash.

I’ve been thinking about buying a ball of it and trying it out, but thought I’d see if anyone’s had previous experience with either of these yarns. Has anyone machine washed a swatch or finished project made from either of these yarns?


Hi Lactosefree!

If you wash the knitted item in a machine, the agitation can cause it to felt, or at the least, it will pill due to the softness of it!


No, the words “machine wash” must be a typo. I just got back from my LYS, and saw DB Donegal Luxury Tweed on display, and her labels didn’t even have the yardage written! This yarn must have been a RUSH to get out the door!

You will definitely need to hand wash in cold (or cool) water using a [U]fine sweater wash[/U], squeeze out excess water, press pieces (or seamed sweater) between thick terry towels that have no fabric softener added, then lay the sweater or knitted item flat to dry.

Hi Art Lady,

Thanks for the info! I’ve been doing some searches online and unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be getting the best reviews in terms of sweater wearability.

Thanks for the update about this yarn!

I ordered 20 skeins of it yesterday, from WEBS. I want to make a Central Park Hoodie (for me) using color 09/denim.

Where did you read the review? Knitters Forum?

I read up on the yarn over at Ravelry…a gal had made herself some sweaters using it…and she said she loved it.

Perhaps she hasn’t had time to assess the sweater over several months.

I’ll bet the problem comes with some pilling. Soft yarns will pill for a while. I have a Malabrigo bed jacket (I’m wearing it right now as a matter of fact) and I am having to pick off pills. It’s annoying, but that is the price ya pay for super softness!

I’d still like to read the reviews regarding the DB Donegal Luxury Tweed if you can remember where the info is located!

Thanks again! :waving:

You might be able to machine wash in that you can put it into the machine and just let it sit for several minutes, spin dry, and rinse the same way - no agitation.

Hi Art Lady!

You know, now that you said that I re-did my search and I think I made a mistake! :oops:

I thought that the Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed was the same as the Debbie Bliss Donegal Aran Tweed. All the reviews that I read were about the regular 'ol Aran Tweed - not the Donegal tweed.

I hope you love your 20 skeins of Luxury Tweed! You’ll have to let me know how it wears after you make your CPH.

Why no fabric softener? Do fabric sheets count as fabric softener?

Wooly type yarns are really a type of hair. Some people say to wash with mild shampoo and hair conditioner.

Oh, I forget to specifically mention the rinse. Yes, I also rinse my knitted garments.

I use UNICORN FIBER WASH & RINSE and believe me, it is the nicest product I have ever used on my fine knits. It is especially designed for knits that are made from animal sources, like wool, alpaca, cashmere, quviut, angora, etc. and the blends thereof. I also use it on my cotton knits. And, a little goes a lonnnng ways. I bought the 16 oz bottles, and it delivered very quickly.

It is soooo mild, yet thorough. I found their “ad” in the “Wild Fibers” magazine published by Linda Cortwright.

Here is a copy/paste from their website:

[CENTER]Unicorn Fibre Wash is designed to optimize cleaning
while protecting the fibre cuticle.[/CENTER]

[LEFT]Restores luster and softness to cashmere, alpaca, bison,qiviut, merino wool, mohair, cotton, and other natural fibres.[/LEFT]

                        [LEFT]Removes all contaminants and                         embedded dirt in raw fibre yet is gentle enough to pamper everyday wear and finest delicate                         knitwear.[/LEFT]
                        [LEFT]Eliminates odors and is non-yellowing.[/LEFT]
                       [LEFT]Fibre-shielding formula reduces the “itch factor.”[/LEFT]
                        [LEFT]Contains no phosphates, enzymes, fillers, bleaching or stripping agents.[/LEFT]

I think, in addition to Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed, there is also a Debbie Bliss Donegal Tweed (without the “Luxury” which adds angora or something)!

Thanks for the updates! I am not so worried about my yarn now!
Because it is on the way! :cheering: I am so excited about it!

I feel rather badly about this: I saw it (and fell in love with it) at my LYS. Didn’t buy it cuz I had to go home and rummage my patterns first. In the meantime, I just had to see how much WEBS ( was charging.

Wouldn’t ya know it? Whereas my LYS was charging $9.50 per skein, WEBS was charging $6.71 per skein after that 25% discount you get for ordering over a certain dollar amount.

I feel bad…guilty…but it was such a HUGE difference for the 20 skeins!
Sixty five dollars difference!

NOTE: I did but all of my Louisa Harding “Grace” for BORGHILD Viking Knits Cardigan and matching cami/tank from my LYS. Twenty five skeins later…and at $10.95 per skein, you do the math. I can’t bear to! :eyes:

I felt guilt that day, too! :pout: What am I gonna do with myself?? :shrug:

Thanks for the tip about the unicorn fiber wash! I usually use baby shampoo, but I think i’m going to have to invest in this.

I had no idea that webs did a bulk discount! $6.71 is an amazing price for that yarn!!! Don’t feel too guilty - there’s nothing better than saving some $ :slight_smile:

Debbie Bliss Donegal yarns are spun at the Kilcarra mill in Donegal which also produces it’s own yarn which is cheaper, but I dunno about postage to USA - see ravelry discussion you can buy it on ebay here

Yup…all you have to order is about $125 I think, something like that.
I ordered the 20 sk of DB and that was more than enough $ to get the 25% discount! Isn’t that FAB!??

I ordered two bunches of Tahki Donegal Tweed for my daughters CPH, that leaf 803 green for her, and some cream tweed for a coat for me. Got that good discount, and boy o boy…that really SAVES!

It’s easy to rack up about $125 in yarn to get the discount. Just tinker around with your shopping cart, go to checkout, and see what discount you get! It will list the full price, then the discount you get before submitting your order with cc. If that is 25%…then you are good-to-go. I think there is another level of discounting, too. Not more than 25% off, but less for a smaller order.

I go for the biggest discount I can get my hands on!

PS: the ph level of Woolite (and probably baby shampoo) is not good for sweaters and yarn in general. If you spend as much on yarn as I do…you’ll want to use the best wash and rinse as possible!

Ya know, Elsebeth Lavold, the Swedish designer, told us in her class:
Sweaters do not need to be washed as much as you think. Mostly “air them” out after wearing, then fold them up and put them away.
Don’t fold them up right after wearing. You will be trapping body heat and a little body moisture in them if you do that.

Unless you perspire a lot, or they get ruined by cigarette smoke, or the cuffs get soiled, or you spill food… you really don’t need to launder them more than once a year. Can you vbelieve it??

Good to know, eh??

She said Americans wash sweaters way too much.

And NEVER EVER dry clean sweaters, needless to say! :doh:

Once a year!? :shock:
I’m going to have to change my mentality about washing sweaters. I am conservative about it, but once a year seems so… so… un-American! :lol:

'm going to have to change my mentality about washing sweaters. I am conservative about it, but once a year seems so… so… un-American!

Yes, but Americans seem to be cleanliness obsessed, whereas the rest of the world isn’t. I think that’s true, I don’t wash every time I wear something unless I do get a spill on it or perspire heavily. I really don’t see a need to, and it wears clothing out faster.

I should add this: since I have a ton of sweaters, I might not even wear a favorite sweater more than once a week, or, once every two weeks. You know how that is!

I take my black/white herringbone tweed coat to the dry cleaners in Spring…wear it all through Autumn/Winter…and take it back to the dry cleaners the next Spring or Summer for the following Autumn/Winter Season. I do the same with my camel winter coat, too. Just once a year.

Now my husband’s suits go to the dry cleaners once every 60-90 days.
His shirts and ties go more often.