Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Baby Sandals help

Can anyone help me with the following instructions?

“Rejoin yarn at base of strap and k up 12 sts along side edge of strap”

Does k up mean the same thing as picking up stitches?

This is the third pair of baby booties that I have attempted and I’m determined not rip this pair out! Is it just me or are bootie patterns a nightmare? arrrghhh

Thanks in advance.

Since you’re rejoining the yarn, the direction does seem to mean “pick up 12 stitches”… :thinking:

Does picking up stitches at that point make sense in the context of the bootie itself? In other words, can you sense what you’re knitting after the stitches are picked up?

Thanks for your reply. I am working through it with a friend at work. This pattern makes no sense at all. I will need to search the forum for an easy bootie pattern.


You may want to try baby socks…they are fun and easy

Thanks for the tip. I’ve printed off the pattern for the baby socks demonstrated in the video. I haven’t done socks yet so it will be yet another challenge!