Debbie Bliss cable and Rib Sweater with hood


I’m knitting the Debbie Bliss cable and rib sweater with hood. I’ve completed all the piece, but am stumped with the border along the front and on the side of the hood. Has anyone done this pattern? If I did everything correctly, the edge of the hood does not line up with the front, it looks like I have to skip over some knitting, and I know that can’t be correct.

From photos on the Internet, it does look like the edges of the fronts and the hood should align. It also sounds like you are not the only one to have this problem. See if you are using the correct size needles for the hood and check the number of cast on sts and the number of ribs for the hood to see if you can tell where the piece has gone wrong.

I’m not having difficulty with number of stitches, but the fact that where I attached the hood to the shoulder seams, and now the directions say to pick up 82 stitches along the right front and along the side of the hood. When I get to the place where I attached the hood to the shoulder seams, the hood is knitted right from that point, so the knitting is no aligned with the edge of the front. It’s really complicated to describe. Maybe someone out there who has done this before could help. Thank you.

Here’s a link to some pictures for the sweater. Clearly you do have to pick up sts along a single smooth line here.
I guess what I was trying to get at is: why doesn’t the hood edge match up to the opening for the front? Is it smaller than it’s supposed to be for some reason or is it just a problem of lining up the edges first when you attach it?

Thank you so much for sending the link for the photos. I know I did something wrong by looking at the pictures, but not quite sure what I did. I do not have my piece in front of me, but I think from the link and pictures, I can figure out what I did wrong. Thank you once again for your help.