Debbie Bliss Bunny Bootees pattern help

I am almost finished my first bootie but I am stuck

I have just finished working on the sole . I have 5 stitches remaining on the sole and 6 stitches either side (side of the bootie)

Now the instructions say. place rem sts at each side of the sole on one needle, with the needle point in the same direction as the needle with the sole sts. With right sides together and taking on st from each needle each time, cast of remain sts together.

I wish the pattern would say how many stitches should be on the needle, I am not sure if I have made an error some where.

Anyone made these booties, I think they are the same as the all in one bootie

Sounds like a three needle bind off in which case you should be working with equal number of sts on the two needles that hold the sts. If you’re off by one st it’s ok. As you are doing the bind off, pick up two sts from the needle with 6 sts and one from the needle with 5sts and bind off together. It will hardly be noticeable especially on the bottom of the bootie.

(I saw the pattern and yes, the row before the bind off should have 6 sts in it, not 5: Sl1, k2, k2tog, k1, k2tog tbl.)

I don’t understand how this is a 3 needle bind off. I have a total of 18 stitches that need to be bound off. 6 from right side of bootie, 6 from sole and 6 from left side of bootie. Any help would be appreciated.

I am experiencing difficulties too with this pattern, as I do with a lot of Debbie Bliss projects, even though I have been knitting for well over 30 years. I have just completed the teddy bear all-in-one from the same nursery knits book, but I found the instructions hard to follow, and a little vague at times. I managed the suit in the end, but the bunny bootee’s have me in a complete muddle. I am wondering how I could get in touch with Debbie Bliss to ask her to make her patterns easier to follow, as I have heard many people saying the same thing

I don’t see any way to contact her. :shrug: since her patterns are popular and people buy the books anyway she may not have any incentive to change anything.

If you can post a few lines of the pattern part you’re having trouble with maybe we can help.

Is this the pattern!

You can also join Ravelry for free and see if some else has had the same issue.

I agree. I find that Debbie Bliss patterns are at the same time very explicit about what should be done and very vague about where you are to do it. I’ve had the same problem in working them myself. I agree with Jan that that’s not likely to change since the patterns are so popular. Is it the pattern Jan linked to and have you checked for errata? Where are you in the instructions?

I’m just coming up to the dreaded remaining 6 stitches. I am assuming I will require a double pointed needle for completion?
Debbie Bliss doesn’t mention that does she? Now there’s a surprise. Thank goodness I read your post and I’m now aware of how to finish bootee number one:thumbsup:

I am left with 8 stitches after decreasing one stitch from each needle. What do I do next?

I don’t have the pattern so you’ll have to be more specific. Can you pist a pic?

Yes, I’ve loaned out my copy of the book. Where are you in the pattern and what are the next directions?

I followed instructions from Salmonmac, and I am happy to say, my first bunny bootee is finished and looking good. I’m now half way through the 2nd bootee. Many thanks for your help everyone.:muah:

I don’t like Debbie Bliss patterns, she isn’t very clear in her instructions and doesn’t tend to update stitch numbers which makes it a nightmare for beginners.

However I did do this bootie pattern of hers.

At this part of the pattern you should have a total of 12 sts left on your needles after all the decreases (6 for the sole and 3 each side of this.

Keep the 6 sole sts on one needle, transfer the 6 sts (3sts either side) from each side of the sole onto a seperate needle and do a 3-needle cast off and voila!