Debbie Bliss Baseball Jacket

Hi. I am ready to make up this sweater. There are the stitches up the right front(61) for the size I’m making. I can’t figure out the next stitches from the front neck holder and then it says pick up and knit 9 up right front. I have the stitches on the safety pin. I’m confused.

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There should be stitches on hold from the right side (right as you would wear the jacket) of the center neck approximately where the yellow line is in this photo.
Baseball Jacket
Knit the stitches including the decrease directly from the holder or slip them from the safety pin onto a dpn or the other end of a circular needle. Then you can continue to pick up sts up the right front line where you decreased in order to shape the neck.

I’ve made this sweater and love the results.

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Thank you so much! I don’t know what I was thinking! Now that I look at this again I can totally see it.

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That’s great. We’d love to see a photo when you finish!

I’ll try to do that. I’m actually making 2 for twin boys so I’ve alternated the main and cuff colors. I’m trying to work on these while my brother is in hospital so I guess my mind was elsewhere. When I looked back it was so obvious and simple.

Thanks again!



Just looking at the same directions with a fresh mind helps enormously.
I hope your brother is doing well and out of the hospital soon.

Hi. Well I finally got them finished! Thanks again so much for your
help and for replying so quickly so I could get on with things. This
pattern is definitely a keeper. I have done some other Debbie Bliss
patterns that are nice as well.
I have attached a photo.

(Attachment Debbie Bliss Baseball Jacket is missing)


Fabulous, they will be loved!

They are delightful! You knit them beautifully and found the perfect buttons.

Absolutely gorgeous! You made these so well.

Very impressive. Your knitting looks flawless