Debbie Bliss Baby Shrug

I am knitting the Debbie Bliss pattern for Baby Shrug … I have completed the Left Front with no problems … but now that I am on the Right Front, I have hit a wall … for some reason when I completed the Right Front from the spare needle and then through the sleeve shaping, the left front was not looking like it was going the correct direction! Hard to explain … so I have “frogged” it back to the beginning where I would join yarn to the 47 stitches with Wrong Side facing me …
My question is if there is a pattern correction in this section where the increases occur which starts with a Right Side Row? OR in the section following for the Sleeve Shaping?

Welcome to KH!

There are over 2000 Ravelry projects with no mention of corrections. Corrections for Debbie Bliss books are on the publisher’s page although there is a note at the bottom about sending queries to LoveCrafts.

If you would like, you can post a couple of rows of the left front and a few of right front and we can try and work it out.