Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk Maria Pattern

:XX: Hello, I am a new knitter and my dream is to knit a sweater for the first time.
I am trying to shape the front and do not understand the lingo.
This Is the Pattern:
1st Row: (right Side) P55,K12,P1
2nd Row: K1,P12, K55
I need to shape Front Slope
This is the directions for Dec Row(right Side) P to last 15sts,P2tog,K12,P1.
Keeping patt correct, dec 1 st at inner edge of st st front band as before on 14 foll 6th rows and at the same time when front measures 26in from cast on edge, cast off 9 sts at beg of next right side row for armhole. When all decs have been worked cont in patt as set on rem 44 sts until left front measures same as back to shoulder, ending at armhole edge. Thank you for your help.

You’ll be doing your decreases on the inside edge of the band rather than at the edge of the sweater, so every sixth row, (the first time plus 14 times more) you’ll work till there are 15 stitches left, p2tog, k12, p1. The band will stay the same width, but the part between the band and the edge will gradually decrease.

As you do these decreases, keep measuring the total length because when the you get to 26 inches, you’ll also need to cast off 9 stitches for the armhole.

When you’ve got 44 stitches left, you keep working straight until the front measures the same as the back.

Good luck!

Do I count the Decrease Row as Row 1? I need to be on the right side to decrease? Please let me know. Thank YOu

You can count the next row as row 1 to keep the decreases on the right side.