Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk... how I hate you

I bought five skeins of beautiful, soft, gleaming Debbie Bliss alpaca silk (aran weight) several weeks ago. And, for $4 a ball, no less!!! 5 balls for $20! It was such a steal.

This stuff is gorgeous. But I am just totally snakebit with it!

I started making the Connemara scarf with it. It looks gorgeous. However, I screwed up and ended up with two many stitches somehow, and then fiddled around trying to fix it and lost my place int he pattern, and I just can’t seem to get back on track!!

So, I started on d-made’s Hoodie Scarf. This scarf is just begging to be made draped about my shoulders this winter!

But the darn stitches keep sliding off the needle… this alpaca silk is so slick, the moment it slides of the needle the stitches start coming undone!

Adding to all of that… this stuff really is not a very sturdy yarn. All you have to do is look at the stuff and it starts to get very fuzzy and lose its twist. After all of the mucking about I’ve done with a couple of balls of the stuff, I don’t know how many more mistakes I can afford before I have to start cutting off what I’ve used and throwing it away!

So, am I snakebit and I should just get a different yarn? What’s the deal?? I don’t think I would buy this yarn again just because it’s obviously not meant for daily use. But I would think I could at least make myself a hooded scarf with it!

I had this VERY same thing happen also with a scarf(ves.) I got mine at $5 a ball. I frogged a few times as it was one of the first yarns I actually knit with, finally realized I didn’t even buy enough yarn so thought I would need 5 more balls, but the last frog attempt had the yarn practically shredded so it sits somewhere in my stash. I won’t be rushing out to get more… Cashmerino, on the other hand… :wink:

OOH both those patterns look YUMMYLICIOUS! /sigh I want time to knit!

I happened to pick up just two balls of BABY Alpaca Silk by Debbie Bliss at this place:$$ViewTemplate+for+YSbyManufacturer!ReadForm&Cat=Debbie+Bliss&View=YSbyManufacturer&Start=1&Count=10

But you mean the other one further down the page, just Alpaca Silk?

I albsolutely LOVED it and wish I had more (well I got it on sale, I could have more but…)

but also, I just knit some simple well just knit coz it was on circulars, a short poncho (Drops Design) that is stripes and it was lovely to work with.

sorry    maybe wood needles would help though next time?