Deathly Hallows Spoilers!

I can’t be the only person trying to get my grubby hands on as many spoilers as possible. It truly doesn’t ruin it for me, just heightens the anticipation of how it will all come about.

SO, if you find some spoilers, share! Here’s what I have so far.


There is also the whole Gabriel hacker thing, but it doesn’t even warrant a link since his “spoiler” was so obviously crap.


i had no idea such things existed. that’s awesome! and i cant WAIT for the next book.

I :wall: will :wall: not :wall: look :wall:


oh, i TOTALLY looked. no will-power here. :wink:

Well I had to have a look…hmmmmm…Rimulus, a bit like Regulus don’t you think, who I kind of expect to turn up in the next book…still I would be happy if Snape makes the kind of noble sacrifice that extract is suggesting.

:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard: Me too AmandaC (but this is the second time I’ve looked -OH NO!!)

:fingerwag: I will NOT look.

My 11 year olds stepsister called her and said…“You can go to that website that had the spoilers and find out!”

DD came in the office to look it up, and I told her to back away from the computer. No spoilers allowed in my house. :roflhard:

Must not lookmust not look*

I’m fighting the urge. I clicked the link but then didn’t read it. Argggg, its driving me crazy!:wall: I can’t wait for the book!

You know, that bottom one could be faked rather easily with photoshop, so I am not putting too much stock in it, but that top one is definitely a page from the book.

You non-spoiler folk are opening the wrong threads! :lol:

Apparently Kreacher is going to be important. (I think most people who pay attention and re-read figured that out in HBP, though.)

I read it.

I feel a little dirty now.

sniff My mind knows that there’s no way Snape (who IS on Dumbledore’s side!) is making it out alive, but my subconscious is in “Sirius” denial.

I don’t know anything about photoshop, but if you think the top one is genuine, then whopeee! sounds like the last book is going to go in the direction I want.

As an aside…have you ever seen Hugh Laurie in real life? I saw him in small theatre twenty odd years ago, and was amazed by how good looking he was LOL

Not a real spoiler, but I died laughing. (especially at number 2)

You people are evil! Must you put spoilers on KH?

Eek! I can’t look! I can’t look! Must… stay… away.

You can look… Nothing given away… It’s all just speculation and the one on this page is just a joke…lol

Good links though… I love spoilers as well…:cheering::cheering:

I so can’t wait for the book to arrive…:woohoo:

MASSIVE SPOILER! (of course, it just makes me even more excited to read the book!)

I can’t believe that. I just can’t.

That’s it. I’m staying away from this thread until July 21. sobs quietly

Noooo! Ok No more with this thread! I don’t want to know anymore!:waah:

Why did I look?!?:wall::wall::wall: Arrrrgggg! It might not be true, right? I just have to stay away from this thread, its too dangerous for me.