Death of an friend in Iraq

We just got word that a friend died Wednesday in Iraq.

While we were stationed at Ft Hood one of our good friends (DH’s college buddy and one of our groomsmen) was also stationed there. He shared an apartment with another Soldier. That Soldier died in Iraq last week.

I wasn’t “close” to him. The last time I talked to him was at our friend’s (his roommate’s) wedding right before they deployed to Iraq in 2003 (I remember he was recovering from a hernia operation - and told him to stay safe over there), but I remember us being at their apartment sharing supper, DH playing video games and darts with him, and a big TV that he bought that JUST fit in their entertainment center. They also let us crash at their place while we were apartment hunting.

I have known “of” people that died over there and there was even a guy from my husband’s battaltion who died last January (I didn’t know him), but this is the first time that I [B][I]knew[/I][/B] the person (I pray to God it’s the last…) and it has me really shaken up, especially since DH is still over there for about 2 more months and has had some close calls himself.

Please don’t turn this thread into debate about the Iraq War, the War on Terrorism, war in general, politicians, etc. Everyone has his/her own opinions and that’s fine, but this isn’t the thread to express it.

Please just keep [B]CPT Erick Foster’s[/B]family in your thoughts and prayers.

My sincere sympathy for everyone involved. :hug:

Thinking of CPT Erick Foster’s family during this difficult time.:hug:

i’m soo aorry for your loss… my prayers are with you


I’m so sorry for the loss.


So very sad. I cry every time I hear about someone killed in Iraq or Afghanistan. It is such a waste of life. I was a young adult during VietNam, lost many friends and classmates. Now I watch the news and see reports of kids younger than my own and can’t imagine the anguish of the families.

My own children have lost friends and my friends have lost children.

My heart just breaks.

:pray:for you and your family and all the families affected by this:hug:


I am so so sorry for your loss.

My thoughts are with all of those men who are stationed there.


:hug: You are all in my thoughts and prayers…

I’m so sorry! My thoughts are with you! :hug:

in my thoughts and prayers…:pray:


:hug:I’m sorry for your loss

Prayers for you and his family. My family has lost members in every war since the revolutionary war.



My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband AND your friends family.I know how it is because I have a son who turns 22 on Saturday and he is in Iraq.He will be there till December.Hope all our soldiers are safe tonight:muah::hug: we love you