Dear Knitting Godesses--What Does This Yarn Want To Be?

Help me out here…
10 skeins of worsted weight Galway Wool in a light pea-greenish color (which actually suits me nicely, so this is gonna be for ME!). It’s fairly soft but might be a touch scratchy directly on my skin. And there’s plenty of it-- ~2000 yards.

So what should I make? Does anyone speak “yarn”? What is it telling me it wants to be?


This comes to mind…

What does it want to be? Besides MINE? :teehee:

I bet something cabled would look wonderful and you could wear a shirt under it for the wooliness of it.

OOooh, pretty!

Cabled hoodie?

How 'bout this?

[color=green]Cable Down Raglan[/color]

I’m thinking of doing it in some lovely sapphire blue cascade 220 I got from Little Knits.

I can’t wait til the IK spring issue comes out to get the pattern!

This is my second choice:

[b][color=blue]Sunrise Circle Jacket[/color][color=blue][/color][/b]


Such a pretty color! Cables would look beautiful in it! The Central Park Hoodie from Interweave Knits Fall 06 would look pretty in that (there is a KAL thread for this too).

I like Kepler! :heart:


Thank you for such good suggestions!
I agree with you all…this is begging for cablework. :hug:

OOooooOOOOO Kepler!! It would great with that color!
Good luck whatever you decide. Galway is nice stuff.

I’m not normally a fan of green, but that is gorgeous! If it’s a little scratchy I’d say it wants to be a sweater of some kind! Maybe a cabled cardigan?

mmmm…maybe a cardi. I’ve got the big boobies–so cablework down a center panel or boatneck style stuff tends to make me look, um…well, it doesn’t minimize anything! Heh. Plus I always get hot, so I like my sleeves pushed up and open space for air.

Not really a goddess, but I’d make that into a mistake rib jacket.

Not really a goddess, but I’d make that into a mistake rib jacket.

Not really a goddess, but I’d make that into a mistake rib jacket. I made one for me using the calculator. Had to modify it to get the buttons on the right side, though, you wouldn’t.

Maybe a poncho~ Put a comfy tee underneath and knit a poncho. Knitty Gritty showed on one episode that you could turn the off shoulder poncho so it could be a Vneck (~ too minimize the bobbies~)) :eyebrow: :eyebrow: I don’t have a pattern link but thats my two cents worth~! :roflhard: This is one you have to pay for, but I love the pattern