Dear Fiber Trend Felt Clog Gurus -

My sister in law is a size 9 shoe and the pattern has ladies 6/8/10. My question is - should I knit the 10 and felt more or the 8 and felt less?

I am thinking larger so the fabric will be more substantial rather than the other way… Is this the way to go?
Any opinions are welcome :slight_smile:

Hi, Double…I’ve made several pairs of these and I would go larger and felt more. It’s also a good idea to add some type of sole or that puffy paint to the bottom after they’re finished to help with slippage and to keep the bottom from wearing out too fast. These are my favorite slippers in the world…sooooo warm on a cold morning.
Have fun…

Thanks, Sknitter. I was thinking larger too. I also have made a number of these, but somehow the shoe sizes always lined up with the pattern sizes. I have used Plasti-Dip on the soles with good results. For these, I am contemplating split leather soles.

Yes indeed - LOVE this pattern.

I agree with Sknitter; make large felt more.