Dealing With Jogs

Ok, I read about the technique of picking up a loop from below to correct the jog when knitting stripes in the round, but that technique seems to only work if knitting more than one round of that color.

How does one correct the jog when knitting a single round stripe?

Yes, I think you are right, you have to work more than one row of a color for that to work.

I haven’t done a lot of one row stripes lately, except one row each of two different colors throughout the whole hat or mitts. I found that when I did that the jog thing wasn’t that noticable. I’m not sure how it works if you do only one stripe alone. Maybe it won’t be that bad.

There are some different ideas for handling the jog out there. Do a Google search and you should find some of them. They may be helpful.

Tech Knitting

Nona Knits

Studies in Jogless Stripes

There are the 3 I have bookmarked on my computer.

On the tech knitting link that Merigoldin posted…I use the New way (first option) and really like how it looks and works out :happydance:

Cool, I’ll give it a try. Thanks.