Dead link?

I was looking on the Sweater Patterns page, and the link for the Women’s Knit Sweater doesn’t work for me.

well it looks like they have changed their links to the free patterns but here is what they have now. No idea which one, if any, that one is though.

Ooooh thank you very much! I was mainly posting this 'cause I thought maybe Amy would wanna change it :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks like it was this one by the url:

at the bottom of the link Brendajos posted… it has patterns seen on TV… I didn’t know PBS carried a knitting show… :thinking:

Thanks Becca. I can’t seem to find the original pattern anymore in the section Brendajos found. That pattern looks to be gone unfortunately.

There’s probably other dead links in that section, I need to run a link-checker through the whole section soon.