De Stashing Lots of Stuff

Still unmotivated:pout:…I have vintage knitting pattern books and a CD, beaded flower books, a couple of mags (knitting) lots of fabric (vintage) and some other stuff…Gonna try an EBAY SELLER ACCOUNT( :roflhard:) but wanted to post here first…Let me know if anyone wants something…:cheering: Cheley

What do you have specifically?

Hi there…just got those circs from you :hug: I have "hardback books (I think 4) on beaded flowers…one book on safety pin baskets…lots of beads…I have a CD purchased last year on vintage knitting patterns (toddlers). I have a couple of knitting mags Vogue) a kniiting pattern book (probably from the '50’s) and lots of fabric…A couple of people have emailed me about some of the stuff, but no one followed up…What are looking for???:muah:

I sent you a pm about the beads :slight_smile: