DD is a new knitting addict

I taught my dd (13) to knit this summer. I was babysitting another girl and she wanted to learn after watching me for a while. My dd decided she wanted to learn too (nothing like a little competition). She made a little garter stitch scarf for her stuffed animal with some leftover WOTA. It was pretty cute but then she was done with knitting for a while. Last week, she decided that she would like to make her friend a hat for Christmas. I had an extra ball of Swish in black and we cast on for just a basic stockinette stitch hat last night. She’s obsessed with it! She’s got about 1 1/2" done and can’t put it down. She wanted to take it to school, but I don’t want her to lose my favorite Denise cord and my size 8 tips! Ack! I wanted her to like to knit but I wasn’t prepared to share my beloved Denise’s. I have a ton of straight needles and she decides to knit in the round!

Can’t say I blame her! :teehee:

:cheering: can’t wait till my girls want to!!! but if they are anything like me they won’t till they are grown to get crafty. my mom tried to get me to do stuff when i was young… i was like nope.

i tried to get my son to knit and he was like no way that for girls. i watch my friedns kid when they are on break and hes the same age as my son and he wants me to teach him! i don’t know if i will cause hes got ADD and i don’t know if i can deal with trying to teach him something… i don’t have the patience for all that! :shrug:

I’ve been trying to get her to learn for a year. She’s always asking me to knit her stuff and when I offer to teach her she has always said that she doesn’t knit and doesn’t want to learn. It came out of the blue that she wanted to learn how and now she is knitting a hat for one friend and wants to knit a scarf for another one. She’s got the bug all right. She told me this morning that she always thought knitting was for old ladies and didn’t know that it was so fun.

:teehee: awww!!! i can’t wait!!

My oldest DD taught herself to crochet and asked me if she could check out my stash! :shock: I have to share my yarn?? I did let her pick out what she liked, but did tell her some of it was “off limits”. :wink: