Dc2tog? in Vintage Ripple afghan

Has anyone made the vintage ripple afghan following the pattern for #8 Soft Waves in Jan Eaton’s book 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns? I have started 3 times now and keep running into the same problem. It’s an easy pattern to be so frustrating…problem is that by the 3rd row following the instructions the ripple pattern is “staggering” and not “stacking” the peaks and valleys…I hope that makes sense. Also, one side seems to " angle out", but the other side stays straight. This pattern is also similar to the Chevron Blanket in the book Vintage Crochet. I know I’m doing something wrong, but what??? I’ve double checked my method of doing dc2tog and all seems right. Help!! Thanks a bunch!

I don’t have either of the patterns you’re talking about but maybe I can help. Each row needs to have the same number of stitches so you may have to count to find out the error. If your sides aren’t straight then there are either too many or too few stitches. Also, on either side of the peaks there needs to be the same number of stitches. The peaks are always done in the middle stitch of the last peak, and the valleys are always done in the same spot. Again, counting the stitches as you go can help. dc2tog is a decrease so as long as you’re decreasing, it’s cool.

Thanks so much for the reply, Craw. There are 3 dc between each peak and valley. The decrease dc2tog are done 2x in each valley…so, this should be worked over 4 stitches, if I’m understanding correctly. The peaks are 2dc in each of 2dc (4 total at each peak). My spaces are all correct…I think the problem is at the end of the rows when turning. The pattern says to “Turn;ch 3; 1 dc in same st; 1 dc in next 3 dc.” This is 5 dc. When doing this on following rows the amount of dc increases (making that side angle out). I think I’m going to ch (counting it as my 1st dc) and then dc in the remaining 2 dc until the increases or decreases begin. I think that will straighten things out…hope so :slight_smile: Thanks again!

Ah, you’re definitely getting an unwanted extra stitch there. I somehow doubt they want you to “Turn; ch3; 1 dc in same st” unless some sort of decrease were to follow, in addition to a decrease that should already be there before you start your next “peaks”.

[B]Turn, ch 3, dc in same stitch[/B] That is a DC2INC or half the peak when you count the chain as a DC. After the “1 dc in next 3 dc” you should do two DC2TOG for a valley. When you return, the valley should use one of those 3 dc that were made by the “1 dc in next 3 dc”


There is a crude text representation of how the three (1 DC in each of next 3 dc should shift. The bottom ‘A’ represents the DC2TOG, T is a DC, and V is a 2DC in the same stitch (inc). Since the “A’s” pull it together in a valley I use the underscore _ to sow the “no stitch” gap created by bending the valley straight for the text image. Each DC2TOG (A) should use one DC and one DC2TOG from the previous row. That means a TAAT becomes an AA in the next row. This uses one of the three straight DCs so you need to use one DC of the V (2 DC in same stitch) as one of your 3 straight DCs.

:think: Does that make sense? I don’t think I explained it well. Let me know if you need me to try and explain it again. you definitely need to use one of the three "1 DC in next 3 DC TOG with the DC2TOG. Crossed Fingers


Belated “thanks”, Jack~ I finally have gotten the afghan underway! I understood the diagram…and it was helpful. Thanks for your response and help in clearing my confusion. Now I just need to figure out how to get more time to finish in time for the newest grandbaby’s arrival :slight_smile:

Can someone please explain to me how to do a dc2tog 3 times, and dc2tog 6 times. I cant figure it out and am about to pull out my hair. LOL…
Thank you

I am having the same problem with the #8 Soft Waves in Jan Eaton’s book 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns. Thank you all for the posts.

THIS VIDEO might help you understand what this pattern is asking you to do. Hope you find it helpful!