dc circle rug increase question to keep flat

Hello, I started crochet dc circle pattern for a rug with two strands of yarn. I am on row 10 but now I am noticing each row is starting to cause a potato chip look and the rug is not laying flat. I am not following a pattern. On row ten i did 1dc 12x, 2dc in next st and repeated all the way around. I had read somewhere that if the potato chip starts to skip the next instruction row to increase (ex, row 9 is 10 dc, skip 10 10dc and instead to 12dc in row ten) it worked for the last two rows but now the potato chip is forming again.
Is there a trick to getting a circle to lay flat after 12 circles have been made? All the pattern instructions on the internet stop at rows 10 or 12. Any assistance would be grateful. I would like to make a very large rug but of course I would like it to be flat. Thank you for your assistance. April

Maybe @OffJumpsJack or @Snowfleas can help here please?

(Alp, sorry that this post was left unanswered.)

I am no crocheter but if I understand right you want to know how often to increase in order to keep a circle formed rug flat. You can do it with a bit of maths :grinning:.

(You can use any unit you want, it does not have to be cm. The important thing is to use the same unit everywhere)

First calculate how many “stitches” (or whatever they are called in crocheted works) you need for example for 20cm. Then divide that count by 20. Round to 1-2 decimals. Now you know how many stitches are needed for 1cm.

If you measure from the center to the round you crochet you can calculate the circumference as 2 * r * PI where r=measured distance and PI is about 3.14. Now you know how long the circumference is supposed to be. Multiply that with whatever you got as stitch count for 1cm. Now you know how many stitches you need for the round, so spread out the increases evenly until you get that count.

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