Dazed and confused

good day all, i am a little confused on how i am suppose to do the following pattern:

CO 24
Row 1 K2, (on left needle knit 2nd stitch, then knit 1st stitch, then slide both stitches off needle) repeat across row
Row 2 P

Row 3 K2, (on left needle knit 3rd stitch, then 2nd, then 1st, then slide all 3 off needle) repeat across row

ok this is kind of confusing: am i suppose to knit the 2nd stitch on the left needle but do not slide off as 1st stitch is still on needle???

or is there a video of this anywhere i may watch?

That’s right. Knit the 2nd stitch, do not slide it off, then knit the first stitch, and slide them both off. Same thing for the 3rd row.

It creates a cable. It’s easier and less cumbersome than using a cable needle. This is common when doing small cables with 2 or 3 stitches.

It’s also called a right-twist: a sneaky cable :wink: Very easy, and impressive looking for beginners.