Dayflower Lace Scarf FO

:smiley: Well, since I frogged my sock, I decided to start my MIL’s gift for Mother’s Day. I am knitting her a lovely Dayflower Lace scarf using a very yummy pink cotton fleece from Brown Sheep (I love Brown Sheep yarn co!!) I cast on last night around 11 & worked for a short while, I hope to finish up today or tomorrow. A very nice, satisfying project :wink:

LOL, Sally & I were outside this morning playing ball…I actually caught a shot of her with the ball…so I had to include it :thumbsup:

That is just beautiful. I so admire your stitchwork - so intricate and lovely. Your MIL will LOVE it.

Very nice! What a lucky MIL!!!

That is so beautiful!

So pretty, Rebecca!! What a nice gift. Sally looks like she’s having fun with that ball! :smiley:

Frogged a sock?! Say it isn’t so!

The scarf looks wonderful. It’ll be great to see it finished.

:smiley: Thanks everyone! I should finish up today…a nice, quick knit :wink:

Sally does really LOVE to play ball…I’m surprised I actually got a photo :shock: She was in the middle of a head shake :smiley:

Yep, I frogged the a sock…it was aggravating the daylights out of me, so I frogged it & will knit another pair…life’s too short for knitting aggravation :wink:

What a beautiful scarf!!! What a lucky MIL!!!

Both my Mom and MIL have passed away :crying: :crying:

Thanks so much, Gina…I feel your loss, it’s tough not having your mom, especially on holidays. We are blessed to still have my very vibrant MIL @ 81 yrs of age…although, u would NEVER know she was 81!! Still (and always will) miss Mama :wink:


Lovely pattern and such a pretty color! I’m sure your MIL will :heart: it!

I suppose many of us knitters will be thinking of our moms this upcoming weekend. I know it was my mom who taught me to knit, and “insisted” that I learn to hold the yarn the right way and never leave a mistake un-corrected. She gave me her old set of Boye interchangeables, her old pattern books, knitting bag, and her yarn stash a few years ago, decided she was too busy to knit anymore (now that she’s 75 she’s too busy to knit…seems backward to me). I have taught my oldest daughter to knit, but the younger 3 girls can’t seem to get into it.

Wow–I LOVE the generosity of your mom–but you gotta get her back to knittin’ again!! :smiley:

Beautiful scarf! I’m sure your mil will love it!!

Is Sally a daschund? (sp?) She is too cute!! :heart:

The scarf is very pretty in pink. Sally is a cutey.

Gorgeous scarf Becka (of course ;))! It will make a lovely gift! :thumbsup:

And that Sally is so cute–I want to play ball with her! :heart:

That’s a lovely scarf!

:smiley: Thanks everyone!! I will post the FO later on, I’ve got to block it tonight :smiley: Sally is a minature doxie, although, u can’t really tell in the photo :wink: and she lives to play ball…it’s quite funny watching those short legs go…she’s very, very fast :smiley:

I love daschunds, and want one so bad, but my parents don’t want a dog in the house :frowning: :rollseyes: . The two houses across the street both have red/brown doxies, one is mini, and one is full size. Both are named Buddy. They are so cute!! They love to play with each other! The little Buddy hops through the grass like a little bunny rabbit! :heart:

:smiley: Oh, Danielle, I do so hope that you are able to get one some day…mini doxies are FUN & very much full of spirit; very, very intelligent, too! Sally is our ‘empty nest’ baby; when our youngest child went away for college my husband got her for me…even though he did NOT want a dog!! LOL, he now spoils the dog almost as much as he spoils me :wink: