Darning a hole in knitting

I accidentally cut a small hole in a blanket as I was snipping the ends off. After I recovered from the unimaginable shock (this is my very first real project other than a scarf) I started a search for a way to mend it. I have come up with a darning technique, as in darning a sock that requires stabilizing threads and then weaving the original yarn so it looks like stockinette. I can probably do this witha little practice, but it is a small hole and I wonder if kitchiner stich (which I also don’t know) will be an answer. Thanks so much, Micaela

Yes, I think you can use kitchener stitch to solve this problem. I have not done it myself, but I have this to offer from Elizabeth Zimmermann’s book [U]Knitting Without Tears[/U]. Great book!

She had spoken of correcting an error in a cable that was at the beginning of a sweater that was almost finished. She had done it by lowering the problem stitches and doing them back up with a crochet hook. Then she says, “I wouldn’t take this trouble any more, by the way, but would snip one stitch a couple of rows above the error, let down the stitches, correct the error, knit the stitches up again, and then weave the snipped row back in. I am truly boss of my knitting. I would also eliminate an indelible stain this way, if it wasn’t too big, by extracting the offending rows, one at a time.” Page 42

If she could do this to take out a stain it could also be used to fix a hole. When she says “knit the stitches up again”, I think she means with a crochet hook. And where she says, “then weave the snipped row back in”, I think she is referring to using the Kitchener stitch.

With a diligent search you might find someone who has done this somewhere on the internet. Maybe a blog. If you can’t find any help make a swatch and try it out. Maybe with a little experimentation you can figure it out. I have a friend here in my town that I bet can do it. :lol: She is a knitting genius. If you get desperate, e-mail me and maybe I can learn how to do it from her and pass it on to you. :slight_smile: I’ve always thought I should learn to do that, but never have.

Oh no. :pout: Try this site for help.

thanks for the link, Jan. I’ve never seen that one before. I’m sure it will come in handy.

I have never tried this so don’t know how hard it is to actually do

Thanks Jan and Julie for those sites. I bookmarked them and will have to try them out when I have a spare moment from knitting. :slight_smile:

Thank you all so much. I have Knitting without Tears and Jan’s link but I did not find the Knitty link on my own. I think, no, I know I can do this! I’ll definately report back. I can’t tell you how stupid and anguished I felt when I cut my blanket. However, I have learned so much and feel so heartened by your responses.
Thank you again!