Daisy's Puppy Poncho n Blankie

Here are some picture of the Daisy Doggy Blankie my dd10 made and a Puppy Poncho that I made for our Westie.

Her name is Daisy so DD altered the pattern to include the daisies. She isn’t afraid of making anything.

I bought a poncho for our puppy but it was too big so I made one myself. Can you tell she is spoiled?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Westies! I want one soooooooo bad! I’d name her Pearl. :wink:

Such a great blankie by such a great knitter! Turned out beautifully!

Those are just so adorable - great job!

Your 10 yr old knitted that!? It’s beautiful!! So is the puppy and the poncho!

OMG–your dd10 knits better than I do! :slight_smile: Tell her she did an awesome job!

Wow, both your projects look terrific! Your DD is so talented for 10. No telling where it will take her!!!

I’m so impressed I don’t know what to say! :cheering: I don’t dare alter a pattern or try to create my own - and you’re 10-year-old is doing and doing it beautifully! Good job on the blanket. I love the puppy poncho, and of course, I :heart: the adorable dog, too!!!

Your dd is very talented! The blanket is beautiful!

Very, very talented dd!!! Your westie is too, too cute! My sister has one, & she rules the roost, much like our doxie rules our’s :wink:

That is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen (the dog AND the bed)!
Great job!! :thumbsup:

That is so cute. I’ll have to show it to my almost 10 yo DD. She knows how to knit but isn’t really into it yet. Maybe this will give her some inspiration.

Your daughter is talented and beautiful! :smiley:

I love the blanket, the poncho, and the Westie. They are such cute dogs, and so smart, too!

THAT is just TOO cute!!! :cheering:

Great job on them both! I love the colors on the blanket! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Thanks for all the nice comments.

DD started knitting last Jan and crocheting this Feb. She is a fanatic about it. She is a very busy girl–dance, piano, golf, softball, basketball, soccer, volleyball–something every night and still an A student (can you tell I am very proud of her).

If she is sitting in her recliner watching tv, she is knitting or crocheting :XX: . Everything that she has made she has made all by herself because she is a lefty.

Now, about the Westie. Daisy is the [size=7]best[/size] puppy! She is so much fun and so smart. She is definitely a girly puppy but you should see her wrestle with DH and DS. The perfect size to be a housedog and still big enough to take jogging or leave outside.

Until very recently, we had four dogs. We had to have one put down a few weeks ago (17 years old), and another put down a few months ago (only 12, but had debilitating diabetes). :crying:

We now have only the 13 year old Chow, and a 12yo Pomeranian/Maltese mix (my dog).

Dh and I plan to not get anymore dogs for a few years, so we can travel freely, as he’s now semi-retired. When we get to the point where we are ready for another dog, I’m thinking seriously of getting a Westie. :smiley:

Renna, We had a Samoyed (Cadi) for 14 yrs and she past last summer. Actually my parents had her put to sleep while we were on vacation. It was hard not being here for Cadi but I’m thankful we weren’t around. She got really bad very quick. She was very much loved and it was hard coming home with her gone. DH and I had her before kids and she was our baby. :frowning: :crying:

Our Westie is already 11 mos old and I’m having trouble thinking about going on vacation without her. She is playful but calm. She knows when to go lay down but she’s always ready to play too. So when you’re ready for a new puppy, I highly recommend a Westie and I was never a small dog person. Carla

Thanks, Carla. I can empathize with how you felt in losing your samoyed. It is so hard to say goodbye to our old friends. :frowning:

I watched a program recently, on the Animal Planet (Dogs with Jobs, maybe?). They featured a Westie who was adopted as a live-in resident of a retirement home. He was wonderful with the patients, sensing who needed affection and when. When a patient was doing poorly, or dying, he’d get on the bed and lie very still beside them for hours. Residents who claimed to have never even liked dogs fell in love with him, and thought of him as their dog. It was a neat story! :smiley:

How talented your daughter is! :thumbsup:

Love Daisy. She has such a sweet face. Our neighboring dog is a Scottie. The neighbor’s mother has a Westie. If we hadn’t been able to get a yorkie, I’d have been happy with a Westie. Just :heart: terriers and pomeranians.

:inlove: your Daisy is sooo cute!!! You guys did a wonderful job so cute!!! :happydance: