Dad's Birthday Pillow now with the birthday boy's pic

My Dad has to be the hardest person to shop for. Every year I rack my brain trying to figure out what to get him for his birthday only to feel crushed when he opens it and he just raises his eyebrows. This year I decided I was going to try my best to make him something he will enjoy. Actually, this is the first thing I have ever made for him lol. I thought and thought about what he needed. To tell you the truth… he doesn’t need anything because he always beats me and buys whatever he wants before I have a chance to get to the store. So… let’s see… he likes to sit in the den and watch movies… Maybe a new dvd?.. No, because he always falls asleep 30 minutes into the movie. So, hmmmm he enjoys sleeping in the den. Maybe a blanket? No, too time consuming and I might get mad if it just gets thrown in a closet. Ok think think think… hmmmm what about a pillow? Owwwww that’s a good idea… but what are his interests? Oh, now I couldn’t even come up with any if I tried. Now wait a minute !! Make it simple… A Happy Birthday Pillow !!! So, I’ve been working on it since Monday morning and just got it done about an hour ago. I hope he likes it :smiley: !

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That is just so cool! He may still raise his eyebrows, but he WILL treasure it. Dad’s are like that. :wink:

Wow! Great job :thumbsup:

That just makes me smile when I look at it.

:smiley: Now, that’s just perfect :thumbsup:

How cute! If he doesn’t like it I’ll gladly cherish it!! :wink:

Great job - he will cherish it - like having a birthday every day! Who wouldn’t love that!

Now that is just entirely too clever!!

Good for you! (and for Dad!)

Great idea and beautiful work! He’ll love it!

Your dad’s pillow is adorable!! Can’t think of anyone that wouldn’t get a big smile out of that. Great job! :XX:

I :heart: it!!! It’s a perfect gift! Did you make the pattern yourself?

Not really . I looked for pictures of Birthday cakes and came across this one and tried to copy it as best as I could. :smiley: Plus I added some icing onto it so it wouldn’t look like a hamburger HEHE .

Very nice! I’m sure he’ll love it! :thumbsup:

That’s the coolest gift idea I’ve seen in a long time! Gives me ideas for my DH, who doesn’t really want any scarves, hats or sweaters!
Well done!

That’s really cool. Nice effect to the cake! :smiley:

I LOVE IT!!! :heart:

That looks cooool! And you Dad sounds just like mine when it comes to gifts :rofling:

Very cool! What a PERFECT gift.

That’s a great gift, and one that I know your dad will treasure. My dad died when I was 21, and that was 35 years go!! I would loved to have been able to make him a knitted scarf back then and some fingerless gloves–he was a painter and needed those things!!! :heart:

I thhink I’ll knit something for our older neighbor–he’s been like a grandfather to our kids when they were growing up! :heart:

[color=red][size=7]Happy Birthday Dad ! ! ! ![/size][/color]