Dachshund afghan square pattern

I would like to knit an afghan with dachshunds in the squares, but cant find a pattern anywhere. Does anyone have a pattern?

No and I just looked, but didn’t even find a chart. You might have to draw it out on graph paper yourself.


Maybe you can use this bead pattern as a guide to draw a chart on graph paper.


Maybe this, but it might be too big for a square.

thanks, I had seen that one but thought I was too lazy to graph it!

If you can get a copy of it you can copy it onto graphing paper. Copying images onto graph paper is a time saver, and you sometimes have to spruce it up a little to fit the graphs completely, but it isn’t all that difficult. You just need a copy machine to fiddle with.

Or you can make a transparance with graph paper printed on it and lay it over the picture.