Cutting knitted pieces

I knitted [COLOR=“Red”]a hat for my granddaughter and it is too wide [/COLOR](around her head) by about 4 inches. I used straignt needles so it is flat. [COLOR=“red”]What can I do besides redo the entire hat? [/COLOR] I am brand new to this site so please bear with me if I have done something wrong. Thank you!!!

What did you knit it out of? Can you shrink it in the wash? Felting may make it too small.

I used a dk Plymouth Dreambaby yarn (acrylic). When I overlap the ends by 2 inches, the result is not very thick - would it be better to do that and sew both sides of the overlap with yarn? I just thought that if I sewed one end (from top to bottom) with a very, very fine but stretchy machine stitch that maybe I could cut the hat and it would not unravel. Have you ever heard of anything like that?

No, but I’m a fairly new knitter myself. CAn you line the hat with fleece to make the inside smaller in diameter?

Yes, you can cut knitting. Look at the sticky post at the top of this page about Steeking 101. Machine sewing will work if you are confident with your machine sewing skills. Then when you sew it together afterward it should be secure. Study it out until you feel you know what you are doing, ask more questions if you need to. I don’t want to to ruin it and say, “Merigold said I could just cut it.” LOL

Eunny Jang’s Steeking Chronicles have several ideas besides machine sewing if you don’t feel comfortable with the machine. I think machine would be your best bet though.

Thank you for the great idea. It would be a perfect solution if the hat was only slightly too big but in this case - the hat I knitted (if lined with fleece) would look like an igloo on that poor baby’s head. Thank you again for a plan I will put aside for another time!

Thank you so, so much. I will read the part you recommended and see if there is a way to salvage this hat. I know that I had heard or read somewhere where knitters were taking “out of style” sweaters and by cutting and resowing them, came up with a totally different look. I am a decent sewer so I’m not too scared to try this. Just wanted to make sure someone else had heard of it.

Thank you bunches!!!

Yes you can cut it, but for a hat, I’d just reknit it smaller.

I decided to knit a new hat first and then I will attempt the cutting and knitting together with the old hat. I will let you know how the cutting works out once I’ve done it!

I am so excited about this site! Thank you to all of you out there!:cheering:

:angelgrin: ha ha ha!

Sorry, just thinking of being so desperate, that I’d wad up
tissue paper, and glue it on the inside of the hat, before I’d knit another one.

Cutting and knitting tog a hat?? GOODNESS! No way!
I’d rather watch my husband cut his bird claw toenails, than cut a hat up. :noway: