Cute kids pattern!

Found this on the Garnstudio website. The pattern is not up yet, but wanted to share the pic, because it is so cute. Hope the put the pattern up soon. It was in the spring/summer 2006 preview. Oddly everything in the spring/summer is for fall/winter.


That is cute. I’m not sure if I would knit it though. I wouldn’t even know what color to make it, or even what style of jacket it would compliment.

Oh, that is adorable!! :inlove: :inlove:

That is so cute! I’m thinking how warm that would be for my little grandson during Chicago’s cold winters. A hat AND a built in scarf! :smiley:

I am knitting a wrap for myself out of some merino from Uruguay that I bought on ebay. It is sooo soft. I think it would work really well for this hood. I think it could go with any style jacket. The “scarf” part can just be tucked into the coat. I like the idea of no ties to keep the hat on and no scarf that DD will take off.


:smiley: OMGoodness, that’s so cute :smiley:


I’d probably nix the pom pons (not a fan…and thus I’d make a more rounded hood part)…but oh so cute!!!

Well if I started knitting my kids their winter stuff in spring, they’d have a chance at getting to wear it at least once before the snow melts NEXT spring!!! That hat’s too cute though! Please post when it’s up on the site, I can so see Lissa in that!

I dont like the hat, but the kid is beautiful!

:lol: I’m w/ Margot!!! Perhaps as Julie said … w/out the pompons!