Cute Cotton Mini Dress Pattern

Check out this cute mini-dress pattern!

I wish I was young and thin enough to wear it!

Sandy… it’s lovely. Let’s console ourselves by knowing that if its pure cotton then it will bag and sag in time LOL Naughty me. :slight_smile:

[COLOR=“Navy”]That is nice,i could not get away with wearing it now.[/COLOR]

Me neither…but back in the day!!! :eyebrow:

(of course, I couldn’t knit back then.) :???:

Ha! :roflhard:

I console myself with the realization that I couldn’t wear knits on my hind end when I was really skinny. 'Twas unattractive, even then.:teehee:

It IS cute, but based on what I see running around in shorts and tops not many people, even young ones, could get away with that! I was very thin in HS so I might have been able to, but certainly not now. :teehee:

I think a girdle or support panties would definitely be in order. :wink:

Wow, very nice!! But I definitely could not wear it. LOL :slight_smile:

Even the pencil-thin model could use some support!

It would make a great tank top, though.

True! I noticed that she would probably model better with support hose.

What amazes me the most is that it was made with PEACHES & CREME yarn! :shock: