Custom made dress

Here’s my most custom knitting creation – it’s knit from pink wool, and the pattern was designed by moi. :slight_smile:

More pics here:

It’s gorgeous!

Beautiful! I just looked at your blog and am now coveting your knitting bag!


Beautiful! I would love to see it on.

Beautiful!! :thumbsup:

Oh my gosh, that is absolutely beautiful!!!

Beautiful job! :inlove:

Wow…thats so pretty!! :XX:

So sweet.


You have some beautiful pics on your blog!! Love the one of you getting attacked by your son. :lol:

And I have one question: Why don’t you like Bernat Cotton Tots? [size=2](I haven’t used it, but I’ve nearly bought it a few times to make baby washcloths.)[/size]

:smiley: Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

Moi did a great job! :smiley:

Superb presentation as well. :thumbsup:

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

I’ve never used CottonTots – it just falls under my definition of “bad yarn.” :wink: (Which is far broader than most people’s definitions. Meaning anything cotton or novelty.) I am trying to acquire a taste for cottons through immersion therapy. :slight_smile:

That’s beautiful!-

Lovely! Very classy

Mama Bear

Ahhh … I see. :wink: I’m on the same page as you w/ the “novelty yarn” (I’ve now chosen to call it “passé yarn”), but I do like cotton. Some cotton, anyway. I especially like the mercerized cottons and cotton blends. While I like the look – and feel – of CottonTots, I’m afraid I would get frustrated with it because it has that thread wrapped around it – kind of like :shudder: Homespun. I know there are those who like Homespun, but I’ve had nothing but frustration with it.

I agree with the novelty yarn aversion, I’m not comfortable knitting with it…I will use it to decorate a top for my granddaughter, though…she’s 3 and likes fuzzy, colorful clothing…for her I will knit with novelty and cottontots, which I’ve used for her stuff before, it lasts and lasts and lasts thru toddler wear and tear…so, I have to (shudder) deal with the thread in it (I’m not comfortable with using expensive yarn on toddler clothes :wink: ) Are you publishing the pattern, IrishBaby?

Superb! I love your blog too.

Fantastic. It’s absolutely beautiful. :slight_smile: I’m checking out your blog, too, and really like the scarf you have posted.