Custom Label for your Knitting

Does anyone know where I can get a custom label made for my knitting. People keep asking if i can get a label made for the stuff I make them. (sweet, that they want my name on the sweaters I make them). but the google searches I come up with only get professional labels with a minimum order of 1000 labels.

This thread has a variety of links:

Thanks so much!!

Thank you! i was looking for this! :thumbsup:

I bought mine at :

Another thing that I heard about, and I did look at the links, but didn’t see it…but this is SOOO very cool!!

Take a ribbon as wide as you want the label to be, and then as long as you want it to be, but add enough to turn under so you can seam it on to your project.

Then…print out your own label on iron on transfer paper, iron on to the ribbon and voila you have a label!!! :slight_smile: