Cushion cover

Hi, am stuck on my pattern please help. Have knitted 26m to go on the front of cover to be made into 5 1/2 “ loops. How do I sew them on when made my loop? Sorry if sound stupid but I’m flummoxed :blush:.

Sounds intriguing. What is the name and designer of your pattern?

Hi there, sorry for late reply the pattern is Lion brand, Fisherman’s wool felted little loop pillow. It tells you to beg in one corner of foam core square and using t-pins pin strip to foam core, folding the knitted strip into loops and pinning into place. Cover entire surface. Then remove one pin at a time and sew loops together.??? HELP PLEASE!

I found the [free pattern link] ( for it.

But I do not sew.

Thanks for the link, Jack.
The front of the pillow is going to be formed only from the loops with no backing. To do that the loops need to be stitched to each other. You could use blocking boards or a foam board marked off to the given dimensions. Pin down the end of the knit strip, form a loop 5 1/2 inches tall and pin down the end of the loop next to the beginning point. Now form another loop and pin next to loop one. Use pins to secure the loops to the board.
When you finish or perhaps when you’ve covered the board along one row, replace the pins with stitches that secure each loop to it’s neighbor. Then proceed with a second row of loops and so on.

Jack, you are the Renaissance man of KH! What do you mean you don’t sew?

Hi, going from pattern I think loops sewn onto one side? It’s just forming loops and sewing them together that finding hard. :thinking:

The loops themselves actually form the front side. You knit the 2 back pieces which overlap in an envelope closure but no front. It’s the base of the loops that make the front side. I’d say stitch them down to a base but that would just give you problems when the cover is felted (the base would pucker).

If the loops seem too fragile after felting, you might stitch them down to a fabric base, forming the front.

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Thank you so much for your help will try my best, fingers crossed it turns out something like the picture as I love it. :blush:

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