Curly Q's

[color=indigo]i am stuck in between a pattern and a how to question so i went with the how tos. I am working on this and i am wondering how to do a couple of those little curly q’s on top. i reeeeeeeally don’t want to have to go get those books mentioned just for that. is there a trick to them? i don’t think i want to do the flowers, just a couple of the curly things. i tried googling to no avail. well except for some crochet stuff and i am waaaay beyond knowing how to do THAT! Thanks y’all!![/color]

:thinking: hmmm they look kind of like those potato chip scarfs… the corkscrew scarves… you might look those up and then just sew it to the top of the hat. Check for them.

I think Aby is right. They look like little potato chip scarves. Knitpicks has a free pattern for them. :slight_smile:

well i considered those actually but the scale is so big. after looking at the pattern again though i think that would work. i would just do the same thing except a lot shorter then right? cool that should be easy enough. now to decide which colors to pick…oy :rollseyes:

THAT’S RIGHT!! It was knitpicks I saw those at. I couldn’t remember if it was there or knitty so I just said knitty… thanks Silver. :happydance:

It looks like you may have corkscrew fringe on the top of a couple of the hats I have the directions for that in a couple of books:
Using spn , CO 75 sts.
Row 1; K1f&b and K1(in each st., creating 3 sts out each one)
Row 2: BO
Use your fingers to twist each tassel int a corkscrew
Attach corkscrew fringe to the hat. (all basically the same as the KP scarf, just smaller :smiley: )
I think this is probably the same pattern that is in the Nicky Epstein book to which the pattern refers you
The other books have a different type of fringe, used in garments in such a way as to not be able to be used on the hats

okay now you are going to have to tell me what “using spn” means. :??

and either way i do it, aren’t i going to end up with a bazillion more stitches on my needle than i started out with? that’s okay if i do, i just want to make sure i am understanding it correctly. thanks ladies!

single point needle…sorry :blush: