Hello there!

I just started my new project and its a seed stitch, the problem i am having is that my ends are curling, is it safe to iron them flat? What should i do, its curling so much! I’m knitting with a light tweed. I’d really appreciate any advice you could share!


No, don’t iron!

You didn’t say what the project was. :??

If it is a scarf…after you’re done…pin it down on a blocking board (or similar flat surface like your ironing board) and heavily mist it…and leave it til bone dry.

If it is a garment…block your pieces as above or any other preferred blocking method…the pieces should quit the curl thing after being blocked…but not to worry, the side edges will be seamed anyway with the exception of the bottom edges of the sweater and cuffs.

What are you knitting? :shrug:

You may be knitting at too tight a tension, seed stitch shouldn’t curl very much, and if it does, then blocking should help.