Curling scalloped edge!

Good evening, good people!

I’m having a problem with a pattern for a beaded cami:

I knitted the front but found that the scalloped edging curls up. What would be the solution? I was thinking, ironing it out? Or a larger needle for the lace (scalloped) edging and then switching to a smaller size? Or, perhaps, just a larger needle? I’m in the process of trying out this last at the moment. Don’t know if it’ll work!

I was trying to post (insert) a photo of what it looks like at the moment, but couldn’t. :frowning:

Could someone help me with the scalloped edging, please?



This is the pattern:

Because the scallops are knit in stockinette the will curl. Blocking may help, but may not completely fix it. What yarn are you using? I wouldn’t iron it.

Check this link and look at the projects. Other people have some issues, too.

Pretty! If you can crochet, a crocheted edging or crochet cast-on helps a lot.
If the yarn can stand heat, you can also cheat and put some lightweight stabilizer on the back of the scallops. Are there a few rows of garter stitch on the bottom, or am I seeing things? If there are, maybe an extra two rows will help.

Thank you, Jan!
I’m afraid wool in India is not much standardized in India and do not come with all specifications. :frowning:
The yarn I’m using is made by Oswal and it just says that it’s 2-ply and Count 6 NM. I’m afraid I don’t even know what that last means!
Thank you also for the link you sent. I’ll take a look and get back to you!

Thank you, Becky!
I’m in the process of learning how to do a crochet cast-on, following your suggestion! :slight_smile:
What kind of an edging would I crochet? The whole scallop bit?
Also, what material would you recommend for the backing, if I did that?
I’ll try the two extra rows of garter stitch first.

Jan, I see in that link you gave me that thedailypurl’s photo of her scallop edging curls up, just like mine. DO you see a link for a solution there? Our internet connection is pretty bad and I think the page might not be loading fully!

I’m not sure anyone has a solution that works all the time. It will vary depending on the yarn. :shrug:

If you have to do a crocheted edging, I’d go across the whole edge. You’d need to treat it like a feather and fan pattern, increasing at the top of the curves and decreasing at the indented part, to keep it even (the knit pattern would help you with that.)
I hope the extra garter stitch will do the trick for you. The material I suggested for the backing is a very light, non-woven fabric with what amounts to glue on one side. You could also use something like a washable felt close to the color of your yarn, stitching it to the back of the scallops with a single ply of the yarn and a needle.

Thank you, Jan, I’m slowly discovering that you’re right: it does depend on the yarn!

Thank you, Becky! I don’t know how to crochet, so that’s not an option for me. :frowning:
But I did try with two extra garter stitch rows AND a slightly larger needle and there was a marked improvement.
I’m afraid I’m pretty stubborn with this kind of a thing and one of the reasons I’m keeping on trying things out is that I’m learning so much in the process! :slight_smile: